February 6th Tuesday  6:30pm Saline County Salina Kansas Wesleyan- Peter Science Hall Room 201
February 8th Wednesday 6:30pm Reno County Hutchinson Fire Command & Training Center- 3201 E. 4th Ave
February 15th Thursday 6:30pm Cowley County Winfield Cowley Cinema 8
February 22nd Thursday 6:30pm Harvey County Newton USD 373- Administrative Building 
February 26th Monday 6:30pm Harper County Anthony Chaparral Junior/Senior High School
February 26th Monday 7:00pm Meade County Meade Meade Fire Station- 725 W Carthage St. 
February 26th Monday 6:30pm Sedgwick County EM Valley Center Valley Center Community Center- 314 E Clay
February 27th Tuesday 6:30pm Chautauqua County Sedan Gregg Theatre- 116 S. Chautauqua St.
February 27th Tuesday 7:00pm Gray County Montezuma Montezuma Community Center- 508 West Sunnyside
February 27th Tuesday 6:30pm Chautauqua County Sedan Gregg Theatre- 116 S. Chautauqua St.
February 28th Wednesday 6:30pm Sumner County Wellington Wellington High School Auditorium 
February 28th Wednesday 7:00pm Comanche County  Coldwater South Central High School- 600 Garfield St. 
February 29th Thursday 6:30pm Elk County Howard Cox Building
February 29th Thursday 7:00pm Ford County Dodge City Dodge City Community Center Little Theater- 2501 N. 14th
February 29th Thursday 6:30pm Sedgwick County EM Mt. Hope Mount Hope Community Building- 105 S. Ohio
March 4th  Monday 6:30pm Greenwood County Eureka Eureka High School Auditorium
March 4th Monday 6:30pm Gove County Grainfield Gove County 4H Building- 757 W 3rd Street
March 4th Monday 7:00pm Pawnee County Rozel Rozel Community Center- 105 N Main St. 
March 4th  Monday 6:30pm Sedgwick County EM Viola Viola Baptist Church- 105 N. Grice
March 5th Tuesday 6:30pm Cheyenne County St. Francis St. Francis Emergency Building- 125 W US-36
March 5th  Tuesday 7:00pm Stanton County  Johnson City 702 S Knox St. 
March 5th Tuesday 6:30pm Sedgwick County EM Clearwater Clearwater Fire Station- 319 W Ross
March 6th Wednesday 6:30pm Hamilton County Syracuse Syracuse High School- 502 N. Main 
March 6th  Wednesday 6:30pm Graham County Hill City Frontier Stage- 305 E Main Street
March 6th Wednesday 6:30pm Sedgwick County EM Goddard  Goddard City Building- 118 N Main St. 
March 7th Thursday 6:30pm  Butler County Augusta  Point Events Center
March 7th  Thursday 7:00pm Trego County WaKeeney Trego Fair Grounds- 13th & Russell Ave, N 13th St. 
March 7th Thursday 6:30pm Wichita County Leoti Leoti Volunteer Fire/EMS Classroom- 301 N 4th Street
March 11th Monday 6:30pm Thomas County Colby Colby Events Center- 1200 S. Franklin Ave
March 12th Tuesday 6:30pm Rooks County Plainville Christian Church- 301 S Broadway St. 
March 12th Tuesday 6:30pm Sheridan County  Hoxie EMS Building- 1717 Oak Ave
March 12th Tuesday 6:30pm Sedgwick County EM Bentley Bentley City Building- 150 S Wichita Ave
March 13th Wednesday 6:30pm Cloud County Concordia Cloud County Community College, Presidents Meeting Room- 2221 Campus Drive 
March 13th Wednesday 6:30pm Lincoln County Lincoln Lincoln County Courthouse
March 13th Wednesday 6:30pm Phillips County Phillipsburg Fischer Building-  205F St.
March 13th  Wednesday 7:00pm Seward County #1 Liberal 810 Stadium Ave
March 13th Wednesday 6:30pm Sedgwick County EM Colwich Colwich City Building- 310 S 2nd St
March 14th  Thursday 6:30pm Marion County Hillsboro Tabor College- Shari Flaming Center for the Arts
March 14th  Thursday 7:00pm Morton County Elkhart Elkhart Ave
March 14th Thursday 6:30pm Sherman County Goodland Wolak Building- 1006 Center
March 14th Thursday 6:30pm Smith County Smith Center Nazarene Church- 117 East New York St
March 16th Saturday 10:00am Sedgwick County EM Mulvane Mulvane Fire Station #1- 910 E Main St
March 18th Monday 6:30pm Decatur County Oberlin County Gateway Civic Center- #1 Morgan Drive
March 18th  Monday 6:30pm Ellsworth County Ellsworth High School Performing Arts Center
March 18th  Monday 7:00pm Stevens County Hugoton 428 S Jackson St. 
March 19th Tuesday 7:00pm  Lane County Dighton Dighton Courthouse Community Room- 144 S. Lane St.
March 19th  Tuesday 6:30pm Russell County Russell Dream Theatre
March 19th Tuesday 6:30pm Osborne County Osborne  Osborne Public Library- 325 West Main St. 
March 20th  Wednesday 6:30pm Sedgwick County Wichita Northwest High School Auditorium
March 20th Wednesday 3:00pm Ellis County #1 Hays Hays EOC- 1105 E. 22nd St. 
March 20th Wednesday 7:00pm Ellis County #2 Hays Hays EOC- 1105 E. 22nd St. 
March 21st Thursday 3:00pm Finney County #1 Garden City Finney County Fair Grounds, Grandstand Meeting Room- 209 Lake Ave
March 21st  Thursday 7:00pm Finney County #2 Garden City Finney County Fair Grounds, Grandstand Meeting Room- 209 Lake Ave
March 21st Thursday 6:30pm McPherson County  McPherson Community Building- 122 E Marlin
March 21st Thursday 7:00pm Ottawa County Minneapolis  Ottawa County Courthouse, Basement- 307 N. Concord 
March 21st  Thursday 6:30pm Rawlins County Atwood Rawlins County  Courthouse- 607 Main St.
March 21st Thursday 6:30pm Sedgwick County EM Bel Aire Bel Aire City Building- 7651 E. Central Park Ave
March 25th  Monday 6:30pm Chase County Cottonwood Falls Community Center in Swope Park
March 25th Monday 7:00pm Rush County La Crosse La Crosse Fire Station- Corner of Main St. & 11th 
March 26th  Tuesday 6:30pm Barton County Great Bend Crest Theatre
March 26th Tuesday 7:00pm Haskell County Sublette Haskell Fire Station- 700 W La Lande Ave
March 26th Tuesday 6:30pm Sedgwick County EM Derby Derby Public Library Community Room- 1600 Walmart Grove
March 27th Wednesday 7:00pm Edwards County Kinsley  4H Building- South US 183 HWY
March 27th Wednesday 6:30pm Sedgwick County EM Park City Park City Hall- 1941 E 61st N
March 28th  Thursday 6:30pm  Kingman County  Kingman Kingman Activity Center- North Room
March 28th  Thursday 7:00pm Pratt County Pratt 103 NE 20th Ave
March 28th Thursday 6:30pm Sedgwick County EM Haysville Haysville Police Department- 200 W. Grand Ave
April 1st Monday 7:00pm Clark County #1 Ashland Ashland Community Center- 766 Main St.
April 2nd  Tuesday 7:00pm Grant County Ulysses Fair Grounds Civic Center - Lawson Room
April 2nd  Tuesday 6:30pm Sedgwick County EM Maize Maize City Hall- 10100 W Grady
April 3rd Wednesday 7:00pm Ness County Ness City 4H Building- Corner of Nevada & Court St.
April 3rd Wednesday 6:30pm Wallace County Sharon Springs Sharon Springs EMS Building- 510 East 6th Street
April 4th Thursday 7:00pm Dickinson County Herington Herington Community Building- 800 South Broadway
April 4th  Thursday 6:30pm Greeley County Tribune 4H Pavilion (Ocie Building)- 905 Ingalls Ave
April 4th Thursday 7:00pm Scott County  Scott City 110 East 4th St. 
April 8th  Monday 7:00pm Clark County #2 Minneola  Civic Connection- 130 S Main St. 
April 8th  Monday 6:30pm Norton County Norton Norton EMS Building- 11822 RD 1
April 9th Tuesday 7:00pm Kiowa County Greensburg 720 N Bay St. 
April 9th  Tuesday 6:30pm Logan County Oakley Logan County Courthouse- 710 W 2nd Street
April 10th  Wednesday 7:00pm Hodgeman County Jetmore 310 Main St.
April 15th Monday 7:00pm Seward County #2 Kismet 509 Main St. 
April 17th  Wednesday 7:00pm Stafford St. John 210 E 3rd Ave
April 22nd  Monday 7:00pm Kearny County  Lakin 305 Kansas St.