WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Four Wichita elementary and two middle schools are closing their doors due to budget cuts. The move will save the district $16 million but no amount of money makes up for the memories made within their walls. 

It was emotional for a lot of students, teachers, and parents. Cleaveland Elementary first opened its doors in 1956 and generations of families studied there.

“I thought the school was like gonna stay open in that like if I had kids, I would like let them go here,” said Savannah Buche, a graduating 5th grader.

Going to Cleaveland Elementary School is a family affair for Buche. Her older sister went there, but little did Buche know she'd be in the final graduating 5th-grade class to walk the halls. She remembers when she heard the news Cleaveland was one of the six schools in the district that are closing.

“I was watching the board meeting and I started crying. Because it's like, it's a home for some teachers that have been here for a while,” said Buche.

Meanwhile, other students are excited that elementary school is over, and can't wait to get to middle school.

I've been in elementary since 2018. And like, it's finally over, you know, but I'm also excited because like new year and all that. I get to be in a new school with a whole bunch of other like, students,” said Merrix Glover, a graduating 5th grader.

Since 1956 the 5th grade class challenges the teachers to a kick-ball game. Every year the teachers win, but for the first time, the final 5th grade class of Cleaveland Elementary won, 18 to 7.

I've been waiting since last year. I didn't know we did it. So, I was new. And I’m like, I can't wait for next year,” Glover said.

As for if the teachers let them win, the students say they won fair and square. Students who aren't graduating from Cleaveland will now have to go to a different school next year. Stacy Braniff's daughter is in 4th grade and has to switch to Dodge Literacy Magnet Elementary.

“I was disappointed. In the way, the School Board I wish it would have been, each school individually voted on not just one big clump. So, disappointment very, very disappointed,” said Braniff.

The other schools that are set to close include Clark, Park, and Payne elementary schools. As well as Hadley and Jardine middle schools.