NEWTON, Kan. (KAKE) - Newton is cleaning up storm damage days after powerful winds hit the city. 

When you drive around newton you may notice almost every driveway is lined with foliage and huge tree limbs. There was one particular fallen cottonwood tree in south Newton that crashed into a home making it unsafe and unlivable. 

“This is probably one of the biggest trees I’ve ever done,” said Joshua Wynn, owner of Conquer Tree Services. 

Wynn has been clearing trees for five years but was faced with this monster after high winds on Sunday uprooted it. He says he’ll have the area cleared by the end of the day tomorrow. 

“So yeah we’ve been really busy this storm weather has been crazy. It looks like a tornado came through here,” said Wynn. 

The owner of the house tells us Conquer Tree Services is removing it for $3,800 while other businesses approached him offering to do it for 13-20 thousand dollars. 

“I like to help people out, give them good deals. Because there’s a lot of guys that come out here and jack the prices up. They’re like oh storm season and they’ll jack the prices up. I don’t do that, I’m just fair. You know, I shoot them a good bid and 90% of the time I get the job,” said Wynn. 

The city of Newton is actually clearing brush and branches for free that are set aside and broken down. It's a long process the city thought would be completed by the end of this week but now it tells KAKE it will send out more crews next week to finish the job.

“I know on a regular basis if you make a pile of limbs they’ll pick it up for like 10 dollars but if you have multiple piles and stuff, if they do that it really helps people out,” said Marty Soyez, a Newton resident. 

Soyez was without power from Sunday until Tuesday night, but he worries about others who still may be without power. Many power lines throughout the city are still being fixed. 

City officials tell KAKE Newton is still undergoing damage assessments but there was isolated roof damage, some signs on businesses blown down, a few overturned or damaged greenhouses and sheds, and plenty of downed trees. It is working as fast as it can to clear as much as it can.