WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Pete Davidson performs at the Orpheum Theatre Wednesday at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. but for the past few days, he’s been exploring Wichita.

Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson first made an appearance at Knockout Sneaker Boutique in downtown Wichita Tuesday night. 

“I looked up and I saw a character that I recognize from the movies. It was Pete Davidson and it was really cool,” said C.R. Curless, Knockout employee. 

Curless helped Pete find what he was looking for and it was apparently Kobes and lots of custom one of a kind clothing from a local designer. Davidson walked out of Knockout with 7-8 pieces of YBG. 


“He took these off and he actually traded for a shoe on the wall that we had a Kobe 8 Venice Beach and he left these for us and he wore out a shoe that we had on the wall here,” said Curless. 

Pete’s shoe will remain on display at Knockout for the foreseeable future. Curless says he was a nice, respectful version of the character he plays in movies and TV. Pete also autographed an employee’s arm who then proceeded to get it tattooed the next day. 



“He was good energy, a great guy, and easy to deal with,” said Curless. 

After Knockout, Davidson headed to Wichita Country Club for a bite to eat. 

He was politely but promptly escorted out because it's a private members-only club. The owners of the country club tell KAKE the manager on duty didn’t recognize the celebrity but many of his coworkers did and snagged pictures with him on his way out. 

Wichita Country Club also says Pete Davidson would be welcome back to their club at any point especially if he called in advance. 

The manager that removed him recommended Deano’s Grill and Tapworks to which he went directly. 

“For me, it was surprising, but I was also, like, very honored to serve him. It was just a neat opportunity that I wasn’t expecting at all,” said Riverlyn Nelson, server at Deano’s. 

Nelson has only been working at Deano's for a month. She says Pete was one of the most generous and nice guys she’s served so far. 

“He was really nice. He was really funny, like, he’s a comedian, so I guess he was making his buddies laugh a lot,” said Nelson. 

Nelson said Pete gave away tickets to his show to all the servers working Tuesday night and they say they were all very grateful.