WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Tucked away on Hillside and Victor is a quaint house where ladies dressed up to come and enjoy a unique experience for Mother’s Day.  It is called The French Tearoom.  

Jillian Forsberg said she wanted to do something different.    

In a private room, she and her family celebrated their extra special Mother’s Day.  

“Four generations is everything to us." "I don't think there are very many people who can have great grandmother, mother and an 8-year-old in the same room." "It feels like a warm hug every time we get together,"  said Forsberg.   

Forsberg’s grandmother Betty Brewer said, "It feels wonderful to think that I would be able to have all four generations in the same room." 

The tearoom opened in March. 

Owner Mariama Beemer wanted to give people a different experience.    

"Tea for me has always been more than just a beverage right;  it is a moment of pause right; a moment of respite;  a moment of being mindful," added Beemer.   

She spent 15 years working in the tech industry and then chose her love, tea.  

Beemer describes her business as the ultimate expression of love.  

She has a wall filled with vintage tea cups for guests to choose from if they prefer. 

Beemer even offers a letter-writing station. 

"I don't mean a letter to your lover, I mean a letter to a loved one.  It could be your grandma; it could be your best friend from high school,"  said Beemer.   

She gives you everything needed such as a pen, paper, and envelope and she will even mail it for free anywhere in the U.S.  

Guests filled tables with their families Sunday ready to create Mother’s Day memories. They were even given a sheet with high tea trivia on it as a fun way of engaging before being presented with their tier of treats.