WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Sunday’s cyberattack on Wichita has affected the culture and arts sector of Wichita including the Old Cowtown Museum. 

Its point of sales system was completely shut down from Sunday to Tuesday but was able to be reinstated. While its point of sales system is back up and running- it's only able to accept cash and checks at this time- this goes for the gift shop and saloon. 

That’s not all that’s being affected. Management tells KAKE that at least 5 Cowtown employees’ laptops are still not completely functional, having trouble accessing emails and other programs. 

The cyber attack has also affected Cowtown’s ability to schedule school field trips and other events for the public. 

“It is interesting how far-reaching something like this can affect other city systems. Whatever the intended attack was I’m not even sure if it was a consideration that so broad an area of effect would be,” said Hanson Long, Old Cowtown gift shop manager. 

The Cowtown Museum’s website is also not working at all and there’s currently not a timeline for when this and everything else will be back up and running.