Macksville, Kan. (KAKE) - Seventeen years ago Tim Buckman died in the line of duty, trying to protect people from a deadly series of tornadoes.

“When that page came over, I dropped to my knees and it was the most gut wrenching scream because my dad was my best friend,” said December Buckman, Tim Buckman's daughter.

Recently December was horrified to learn that his badge number was still being used by the Macksville Police Department. The family thought his number had been retired when he died.

“Anytime that badge number comes across it radio from here on out, we're going to remember that and it's going to bring back the bad part of the memories which nobody wants,” said Robert "Tim" Buckman, Tim Buckman's son.

The family notified Police Chief Troy Wright, who had worked with Buckman, along with other city officials and Buckman's stepdaughter Kara Lawrence gave a speech to the City Council.

After her speech, Chief Wright said, "The number's been changed, it's been changed with dispatch. We're sorry for the misunderstanding."

Lawrence, and the rest of the family were relieved that the badge number would no longer be in use. 

"Things slip through fingers or through policies. And it takes something coming to light to really kind of open it up and be fixed. And even though it was scary and traumatizing to hear that number on the radio again, that allowed us to know, hey, it was never formally retired, so that we could take the steps to bring attention," said Lawrence.