VALLEY CENTER, Kan. (KAKE) - Tuesday afternoon the Valley Center community center was busy as people walked in to vote on a school bond vote of $58.9 million dollars over the next 20 years. 

"It's very important for our community. We're at or near capacity in many schools," said voter Clint Bass.

He has one son who goes to Valley Center High School and one who just graduated. He says he wants the best for the school district and the current and future students which is why he came to show his support for this bond initiative.

"You know build a new elementary school increase some space at the existing schools. It's all about the kids," he said.

Other voters aren't so sure this is really needed.

"Why throw money towards something that's not doing well," asked voter Kathleen George.

"I think they got six outstanding bonds on now that they've made no effort to retire and they want a seventh," said another voter Larry Strelow.

The USD 262 School Bond passed with a vote of 1,173 to 1,031.

Now that the $58.9 million dollar bond initiative has passed, the school district will build a new elementary school. It also plans to add more classrooms and bathrooms to the middle and high schools as well as other additions like a building for career and technical education.

The district says Valley Center is growing fast and soon there won't be enough room for everyone. It says the lack of space is causing current students to miss out on opportunities and it is only going to get worse as they expect enrollment to increase in the coming years.

It says there will be no increase to taxes because there's a current bond in place that can pay the yearly payment on existing bonds. 

Some voters like George are skeptical how this will work.

"It extends it but I mean if you're getting a bond you're getting more taxes," she said.

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