WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - A former Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office deputy has been charged with misdemeanor battery after allegedly striking an inmate during an incident at the Sedgwick County Jail last month.

Former deputy Kymbal Britt was accused of punching an inmate while trying to calm him down after being told to repeatedly stop banging on doors and yelling inside a booking cell on April 22. A team of deputies would go into the cell to try and move the inmate to a more secure cell. 

The inmate then sat down on a bench and placed his hands towards his chest in a passive resistant manner. Britt allegedly stood the inmate up and struck the inmate at least six times with a closed fist to their head and body. Other deputies would intervene and placed the inmate into handcuffs. No injuries were observed or reported.

Britt had been with the department since April 17, 2023. He was relieved of his duties on the date of the incident.

A case was presented to the District Attorney’s Office on Monday.