WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Margaret Anderson has lived in Sleepy Hollow in east Wichita for 15 years, and said that she's furious to learn Wesley Medical Center is looking to buy the neighborhood's park from the city, and convert it into additional parking space.

"The park is a big part of our community, and Sleepy Hollow," Anderson said. "Children are our future. And these kids in the park on the weekends, they have such a good time. Even the families of people that are sick over at Wesley, especially children, use the park to come over and decompress for a few minutes."

The Sleepy Hollow Neighborhood Association is also fighting to keep the park.

"When the person who bought that property from the federal government in 1868, it was basically ranch land," said Neighborhood Association President Dan Heflin. "And they wanted to preserve those areas along the creek as natural areas. So we believe it should be maintained as a natural area."

At a heated meeting between residents and Wesley on Tuesday, many people asked if there were any alternatives.

Wesley CEO Bill Voloch said the hospital has been in communication with the city to build a new playground closer to the nearby MacDonald Golf Course.

"I, you know, sympathize with the fact that the park has been there a long time," Voloch said. "That's why it was important for us to make sure that we're working with the city on an option that would benefit the neighborhood. That would be an upgraded park with upgraded equipment with upgraded everything that will be quite honestly a safer park as well."

Voloch said that the medical center is growing so much it needs the extra parking spaces for patients, and the parking garage is deteriorating.

The Sleepy Hollow Neighborhood Association said that the meeting ended on a positive note with Wesley open to comprise.