WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - It's prom season for high school students and parents will be making sure their teenagers are safe but, this Saturday they are facing potentially severe weather. 

Wichita East High School has made plans to handle severe weather while students prepare for a night to remember.

The plan is to have prom at the "Brick and Mortar,” but if severe weather hits, they'll have to move locations. 

“I just hope they don't move it back here,” said East High Junior Lake McBride.

It could be the reality these students have to face, having prom inside the high school gym.

"I think that we get it. We'll have a great time either way, but I don't really want to move the location,” said Helen Hicks, another East High Junior. 

The school sent out letters to students that says in part:

"We want to inform you that we are closely monitoring the weather forecast for [Saturday's] prom. As of now, we are still proceeding with the event as planned. However, there is a possibility that we may need to change the venue to our FEMA gym at East High to ensure everyone's safety."

“I'm hoping to make a decision by five o'clock whether we continue on-site at Brick and Mortar or we move the prom to East High. We have a FEMA-centered gym that we can have prom here,” said Sara Richardson, principal of Wichita High School East.

Despite it not being the ideal setting, just in case, to make it a memorable prom, the last-minute shifts could take some work to make it look like a real prom. 

“I think the main thing I’m worried about is how long we're going to have to set up decorations because I have a friend who's in student council, and they're not gonna be able to start decorating until they announce where it's going to be at five,” said Maddie Potter, a Junior at East High. 

Andover Central is also holding prom Saturday and staying weather aware. School leaders say they plan to communicate, directly, with parents if plans need to change.