WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Friday marks 33 years since of one of Kansas' most devastating tornadoes.

Known as the Andover Tornado, the F-5 caused damage across Harper, Sedgwick and Butler Counties on April 26, 1991. That twister claimed 17 lives -- most of them taken from the Golden Spur mobile home park. 

It began with a touchdown in Harper County and then tore across Sedgwick and Butler counties.

In Sedgwick county it grew to F-3 intensity and tore through parts of south and east Wichita, making a direct hit on McConnell Air Force Base.

Four people were killed in Sedgwick County.

The tornado then grew to F-5 intensity and went through the community of Andover in Butler county. Anyone not watching television or listening to their radio when the storm hit received no warning that day. The town's only siren had failed to sound. Major damage was incurred and 13 people were killed.

At the same time, another tornado developed in Cowley County and moved northeast. It grew to F-4 intensity, killing one person east of Winfield, and another near Howard, in Elk County.

Total property damage from these tornadoes were in excess of $272 million.

Below is KAKE's coverage on the 30s anniversary in 2021.