TEXAS COUNTY, OK. (KAKE) - Junia and Bryson Butler are remembering their big sister Veronica Butler.

"She was a big role model to me," Junia said. "So it sucks. It's really heartbreaking. Losing my big sister"

Investigators found Butler and Jillian Kelley dead over the weekend after a two week search.

They arrested four people, Tifany Adams, the grandmother of Butler's kids, Adams' boyfriend Tad Cullum, and Cole and Cora Twombly for the kidnapping and murder of the two women from Hugoton.

"I've heard this family's gotten away with a lot of stuff," Bryson said. "So I just hope justice is served."

Deputies walked the four suspects, who were shackled and wearing protective vests, into the Texas County, Oklahoma courtroom this morning.

Once inside, reporters say members of Butler's family started shouting at the suspected killers.

Investigators say Butler and Kelley were supposed to meet Adams, for a custody exchange on March 30th and they never showed up.

Friends found Butler's car abandoned in Oklahoma, with blood, her glasses, and a broken hammer. Two weeks later is when authorities found the bodies about 8 miles away buried near a dam on private property.

Veronica's aunt Ladonna Thompson wonders what possessed the alleged killers to do it.

"How can you hate somebody so much that you want to kill them," Thompson asked. "How can you hate the mother of your grandchildren so much that you would end a life? That was not fair to her."

In their pain, Butler's family is hopeful that they can get justice, and her killers will answer for their crimes.

"We're all gonna have to forgive them eventually," Bryson said. "But you can do that by yourself. So you've got to have that helping hand. You got to get right with Him first before you get right with them."

The state is asking the court to deny bond in this case.

Among the murder charges is one that could lead to the death penalty for each of the suspects, or life in prison without the possibility of parole.