RENO COUNTY, Kan. (KAKE) - After dozens of animals were discovered in a mobile home in Nickerson last week, animal shelters near Reno County are now in charge of nursing these animals back to health.

“The living conditions and the unsanitariness was pretty extreme,” said Michaela Schommer, director of animal services in Hutchinson. 

It took two days to rescue all of the animals last week. 

“The resident originally told us there’d be about ten cats, a few dogs, a rabbit and two chinchillas,” said Captain Steve Lutz, Reno County Sheriff’s Office. 


It turned out to be 41 cats, five chows, two chinchillas, and one rabbit who were all left in unsanitary conditions. The Reno County Sheriff's Department worked with the Hutchinson Animal Shelter to remove the animals as safely as possible. 

“Definitely makes you feel sad to see the animals in this condition. Not just sad, but very frustrated and angry that it has come to this point. But also sad for the individuals who were living in these conditions themselves,” said Schommer. 

Three cats were discovered deceased, two more were euthanized after rescue due to extreme illness, and two others will be euthanized if they’re unable to find medically compatible homes. 

The two cats with non-curative diseases are located at Pratt Area Humane Society and they suffer from FIV and feline leukemia. They would need to be rehomed to houses without other cats that could afford extensive medical treatment. 

“All of these animals were legally owners surrendered, meaning they gave up custody rights of the animals immediately. So they are not going to be sitting in the shelters on hold as part of a court case,” said Schommer. 

Now the animals are at Hutchinson Animal Shelter, Kingman Animal Shelter, Golden Belt Humane Society, and Pratt Area Humane Society receiving treatment for dehydration, upper respiratory illnesses, fleas, ticks, and worms. 


Hutchinson Animal Shelter currently has seventeen cats that were rescued from this mobile home. Kingman Animal Shelter has four dogs, one rabbit, and a pair of chinchillas. Golden Belt Humane Society of Great Bend has eleven cats (two are potentially pregnant). And Pratt Area Humane Society has eight cats including the two with incurable diseases. 

“I don’t personally believe this individual was just trapped and stealing and taking in animals,” said Schommer. 


Only two of the cats found were microchipped by owners in Salina, rather than the people that own the residence where the animals were found.

Just three cats at the Hutchinson Animal Shelter are ready for adoption now, Dr. Pepper, Hi-C, and Helga, but many more will follow after treatment. 

As for the owner the animals were rescued from, it is up to the District Attorney to press charges.