GODDARD, Kan. (KAKE) - Dam Jam will be moving to east Goddard after their contract with the county was not renewed.

In a release, Dam Jam said that despite trying to find a mutual solution, their contract was not renewed by the county and so they are moving the music festival to a location in east Goddard just south of "Outwest" on Kellogg and 183rd. 

“As someone who has spent my entire life in Sedgwick County, the necessity to relocate the show has been a particularly tough and challenging decision. However, the warm welcome and support from the Goddard community are truly exciting, and we're looking forward to strengthening our ties with this vibrant community. We need all our fans and supporters to rally with us during this time.” says CJ Wilson the President of A Production Company LLC.

Dam Jam, which is produced by "A Production Company LLC," is asking for the community to come together and support them as well as local businesses and and community organizations during this move.