WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Wichita State University has temporarily closed one of its buildings after flooding. That building was designed by the famous Frank Lloyd Wright. 

Frank Lloyd Wright is an iconic architect with two of his designs residing right here in Wichita. 

“He designed those many years apart but both in Wichita so we’re very fortunate to have them,” said Nancy Davis, a Frank Lloyd Wright expert. 

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Allen House was designed in 1916 and the Corbin Education Center at Wichita State University was designed in 1957. Corbin has been open since 1964 but now- it's closed. At least for the rest of the school year. 

“We were devastated to hear about the damage to Corbin,” said Davis. 

The university announced in a statement last Friday a chilled water line broke and flooded the basement of Corbin harming electrical and HVAC systems. 

“There was no damage to the Frank Lloyd Wright designs. It’s all contained to the basement with the mechanicals, which unfortunately is causing the building to be closed but yes we were very relieved to hear that there was no damage to the Frank Lloyd Wright designed portions of the building,” said Davis. 

All classes that took place in Corbin have had to relocate.

The earliest the building could reopen is September, but this is bad news for the Allen House as well. 

“We were getting ready to start combination tours with the Allen House and the Corbin Education Center next month. We were planning to start that,” said Davis. 

But those plans will have to wait. This year also marks the 60 year anniversary of the building, which was supposed to be celebrated this semester but those celebrations have been postponed until fall.