WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Sunday evening the roof of a unit at Emery Gardens collapsed leaving two tenants an apartment that was deemed unlivable by the Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department. The two people living there say this is only the latest problem they've been having.

Bugs in every corner, crawling along the wall and on the floor. This is the conditions Emery Gardens tenant Haley Steffan and her roommate have been living in for the past six months.

"It's just not a good situation to live in at all," said Steffan when talking about her experience at Emery Gardens.

She says she told management multiple times but it never got better. She explains they scheduled a cockroach treatment but it didn't work and the problem only escalated.

"We kept trying to tell them and tell them but they never listened," she said.

Emery Gardens said it responded to all problems in a timely manner and the tenants weren't doing their part to keep the space clean. A worker there told KAKE News the cockroach treatment wasn't able to be completed because the room was a mess.

Sunday night their apartment's roof started leaking and then it collapsed, leaving a big hole in the ceiling.

"We tried to call the maintenance right away to come fix it but they didn't," she said.

The apartment says as soon as they got the call they had people on the roof working on it.

The next morning Steffan found a bright orange note on her door letting her know the unit was deemed unlivable and she needed to go somewhere else but she had no where to go.

"They almost didn't find one (a new unit) for us and my roommate was going to fight for it because I mean our roof collapsed what else are we supposed to do," she said.

Now she and her roommate are in a new unit and she says they're already having issues with it. When she was looking for her cats she checked a hole under the cabinet and found something that worries her.

"I looked in this hole and I found a crap ton of black mold," she said.

Steffan says she's moving out of Emery Gardens soon and is ready for this nightmare she's been living to be over.

"I'm very relieved. I'm tired of living with that," she said.