(CNN) — Kevin Bacon is ready to cut loose at prom.

Bacon announced this week to a gym full of students from Utah’s Payson High School, where his iconic movie “Footloose” was filmed, that he will be making an appearance at the school’s final prom.

This comes after students launched a campaign to get the actor to attend the event. Payson High School is set to relocate at the end of the school year.

The #BacontoPayson social media campaign was a collective effort that got students involved in movie recreations and choreographed videos in hopes of getting Bacon’s attention.

In an announcement broadcast on the “Today” show, Bacon thanked the students for their invitation, calling the film and high school “a big part of my life.”

When he announced he’d be coming, the students, who were gathered together at the school for the announcement, cheered.

“Thank you, guys. Let’s dance,” Bacon said.

“Footloose” was released in 1984 and starred Bacon as a teenager who moves to a small town that forbids dancing and works to overturn the draconian measure. It all culminates in a prom scene that, surely in part thanks to Kenny Loggins, apparently still resonates.

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