MCPHERSON, Kan. (KAKE) - Natasha Thrash was more than surprised Thursday morning after learning her rent will be paid for a year. 

"I...speechless is how I felt," said a very grateful Thrash.  

Her journey has been one of irony and struggle. In January of 2023 Natasha’s daughter Brailee was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  

That April, Natasha started having headaches and said she needed naps all of the time. She thought it was stress from worrying about her baby girl. 

"July 17, I was laying on my bed on my stomach and my left side went numb and I was like well that's weird so I stood up out of my bed and I fell," said Natasha. 

Thrash’s symptoms got much worse. She not only had numbness but double vision in her left eye sending her to the McPherson Hospital. 

“They did a CT on me and they found a brain tumor with massive swelling so of course that was so traumatizing because I’m like, 'how does this even happen; my daughter has a brain tumor,” said Thrash. 

With both Natasha and Brailee fighting brain tumors, medical bills started mounting. 

Thrash's friend nominated her to receive financial help through the national organization Gradient Gives Back.  

Local McPherson business Iron Horse Financial partnered with gradient for the first time this year to help a family that is struggling financially. 

Iron Horse Owner Jaime Malm said as soon as she heard Thrash’s story,  she knew they had to step in and help.

"I mean, it's such a small piece of what she's dealing with that we're able to alleviate." 

Thrash thought she was coming in to do a series of interviews not knowing she was about to receive a wonderful gift, free rent for one year plus help with gas and utilities.  

"I honestly was like, 'it's somebody else you, know, deserves it more than I do," said a very humble and grateful Thrash.  

Thrash and her daughter Brailee make regular trips from McPherson to Wichita for their medical visits. The family has created a GoFundMe to help them while they are on their journey of healing. If you would like to donate, click here.