WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Eight-year-old Quinn has a new favorite hobby, and after getting a sewing machine for Christmas, she realized she also had a talent she could use to make a big difference.

My mom helped me make like quilts for me and my baby doll, and then I thought about it, and I asked my mom if I can do it," Quinn said. "I just thought about the homeless and what they're going through through the winter. Like they're just out there in the breeze and with nothing."

Quinn decided to put her love for sewing to a good cause by spending all of her free time after school cutting up pieces of donated materials and making warm, custom blankets to hand out to people experiencing homelessness.

As much hard work as it takes to finish each quilt, Quinn says it's a feeling money could never buy.

"Pretty happy that they're warm, and they feel like they're in a nice house," Quinn said, describing how she hopes people feel while using her quilts.

This act of kindness is something Quinn's mom, Jessie Isbell, says is nothing new.

"Pretty teary-eyed over here watching her interview. We were tearing up a lot. She's just so selfless all the time. It's nothing new for her, though. She does this regularly," Isbell said.

Quinn's little venture is now officially branded as Quilts by Quinn, and there are donation boxes set up at Hard Knox Boxing at 3940 E 13th St and at Pizza Hut in Andover, where you can donate fabrics or sewing supplies.

Once she has enough of them finished, Quinn and her mom hope to work with the city to hand out as many as possible.

As if that wasn't kind enough, Quinn also hopes to include a bottle of water and a meal with every donation.

"Maybe if you go with your gut and your heart, you might think of something like this and probably do it," Quinn said when we asked if she had advice for others.

If you'd like to help monetarily, Quinn also has a GoFundMe. Click here to donate.