WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Israel Castaneda says the extremely loud door slamming next to his apartment at 630 N Topeka Ave. is only one of the many problems he's faced since he's lived there.

He captured video that would shock any tenant.

Sewage leaking from the pipes in the ceiling, into the apartment.

"In 2021, around November, I'd say about Thanksgiving, we had the same situation happen with the sewage coming down," Castaneda said. "And I had to end up staying inside of a motel at the sunflower for about almost a month out of my pocket."

He said that while the pipes would get fixed initially, the problem would keep happening, with little to no response from TWAD Rentals, the property management company.

"It's been the same ever since I've called," Castaneda said. "I have not gotten a response. Not one. And if you come inside, you can see what I'm talking about."

Castaneda showed KAKE News the visible damage to the apartment.

Insulation can be seen hanging from the ceiling.

KAKE News reached out to his landlord Andy Bias, he declined to be interviewed but said city inspectors have looked at the property, and work is being done to make repairs, just not at the fastest speed.

Castaneda maintained that nothing is being done, and worries about the health of himself, his mother, and his girlfriend who also live in the unit.

"We're probably breathing black mold and insulation," Castaneda said. "And my mom's a senior and I have my girlfriend here along with me. So all three of us, you know, we've been sick. I feel like we kind of got sick from this too."

In our phone call, Bias said that he feels sorry for Castaneda and his family saying they did nothing wrong, but insists that TWAD Rentals has also done nothing wrong.

If you have an apartment problem, you can call the city of Wichita's Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department.