WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Incumbent mayor Brandon Whipple and his challenger in the 2023 mayoral race Lily Wu have been making several public appearances in the weeks leading up to the general election. 

"Both candidates have been really great about doing lots of public appearances and lots of joint appearances," says Wichita State University Political Science Professor Neal Allen.

And they're about to make yet another one as they prepare for an hour long debate on KAKE News. The debate between Whipple and Wu airs Tuesday, October 24th at 6 p.m. 

Allen will join KAKE journalists to ask questions of both Whipple and Wu. He said that this election is very different from the one Whipple won four years ago, particularly when it comes to public safety.

"Wu clearly wants to talk a lot about public safety and relationships with the police department. Whipple is willing to talk about those issues but does so a little bit differently than he did four years ago, particularly because, where he was endorsed By the Fraternal Order police union, that endorsement has gone to Lily Wu."

Allen said that he's curious to ask the candidates their plans on staffing city government, since he says the city manager role holds a lot of power.

"City Manager hiring and management is the most important thing that the mayor and the council do. And it would be nice to know, in specific detail what both Mayor Whipple and candidate Wu would do for the next four years with managing the city manager."

While no scientific polls have come out to show who may be ahead in this competitive race, Allen said that the August primary results may show a tough road ahead for Whipple.

"Wu got more votes than Whipple in the first round by a significant margin," Allen said. "Also, the third place candidate Bryan Frye took positions that are more closer to Wu's than Whipple's. And so Whipple does have an uphill climb for the general election."