MCPHERSON, Kan. (KAKE) - Affordable housing will soon be more accessible in McPherson as crews broke ground Wednesday on a project to build twelve permanent tiny homes in two phases.

"It's a $1.2 million project that will build seven homes, permanent homes for families and provide supportive services. Which means they need a doctor, if they need to get a better job, if they need education, if they need to get an attorney, we can actually provide those services for those families so that they stay stably housed," said Chris Goodson with the McPherson Housing Coalition.

Across the street, Reva Purcell is the manager of Oak Harbor Cottages, another tiny home community.

"The one that really comes to me is probably our first complete family. It was mother and father and two sons," said Purcell. "They changed their lives, and then the housing coalition was able to give them permanent housing."

Purcell says Oak Harbor is a community designed for one purpose, to help people in need.

"There is a food pantry in our basement for the people that are here for the 90 days," she said.

As many people as she's seen the cottages help, Purcell says the biggest problem is that it's only temporary.

Ryan Vincent with the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation says finding affordable housing in the state is much harder than most realize.

"In the brief 18-month window that we administered those programs, we actually served over 95,000 families that were at risk of losing their homes," said Vincent.

That's when Chris Goodson and the team at the McPherson Housing Coalition decided to get creative and make the new tiny homes permanent.

While it's a small drop in the bucket, Purcell says she's thankful to be a part of the progress.

"My husband and I... All of our married life, we've helped people," said Purcell. "I feel blessed by blessing people."

Goodson says the homes will range in size from one to three bedrooms, and the cost will be income-based. She says rent and utilities will only be 30% of a resident's annual income, and they're hoping to have all 12 units done within a couple of years.