ANDOVER Kan. (KAKE) - An 11-year-old flag football player for the YCMA in Andover is gaining national attention. Trenton Nguyen is breaking ankles and he was also featured on the NFL Network for the Flag Football Player of the Week.

"Really shocked and just like really excited cause everyone was there,” said Trenton Nguyen, NFL Network Flag Football Player of the Week.

Trenton had when he saw his play on the NFL Network's Good Morning Football for the NFL Flag Football Player of the Week. Nguyen has been playing football since he was 5 years old. He looks up to Super Bowl MVP Quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He also tries to move like him on the field

"I was really supposed to pass it, but no one was running the route right, so I just went in and tried my best,” said Nguyen.

So how did this all come about? Trenton's mom Lisa Le said it was just luck of the draw.

"So, his dad submitted it on NFL Flag and they choose a player out of everyone that's nominated, and he was nominated for week two. So really excited and really proud of him,” said Le.

Right now, for the season, Trenton and the YMCA flag football team he's on are undefeated. His mom says Trenton was born an athlete.

"He's always naturally been good at sports. He's played soccer and basketball, and now football. So, it's exciting to watch him on the sidelines,” said Le.

And of course, Trenton has hopes of playing in the NFL one day. Despite him looking up to Patrick Mahomes and the way he moves on the field. He actually wants to play for the New Orleans Saints.