BUTLER COUNTY, Kan. (KAKE) - The Kansas Bureau of Investigation has taken over the case that involved Butler and Sedgwick County authorities.

The chase began with deputies chasing what they said was a stolen truck at SW 50th Avenue and Butler Road and ended with a shooting at 159th and US 54. During the chase the suspect crashed the truck and fled on foot before getting into an unoccupied moving truck and trying to flee again. A deputy deployed a taser which had little effect. The suspect then drove towards another deputy who fired a single shot which hit the suspect. 

The truck then crashed into a garage and the suspect was taken to a Wichita hospital on critical condition.

Residents in the neighborhood were shocked by what happened.

"This was definitely scary. I have two little kids, and, um, this has never happened before in this neighborhood,” said Sonalli Kurlekar who lives near 159th Street and US 54.

Scary is an understatement for her. She was coming home from work when she saw the commotion.

"By the time I reached near 159th and Central, I realized that police cars were already blocking that road. So, I had to turn around and came from the other side,” said Kurlekar.

"To hear it was actually a high-speed chase and gunfire and all of that, this close to the house is pretty concerning,” said Trevor Derenthar, who lives near 159th and US 54.

Investigators were on the scene for hours, blocking off several neighborhoods along 159th.

"People are going to be people and you're going to have good and bad. So, no, I'm not worried about the coming days or anything like that. If there's a trend, that's another story,” said Derenthar.