GRAWN, Mich. (KAKE) - When children celebrate their birthdays, sending out party invitations is supposed to be exciting. But when no one responds or shows up, it's heartbreaking for the kids and their parents. 

A grandmother in northern Michigan knows the pain and decided to do something about it. WPBN reports Ronie Williams' mission began after watching her son's heartbreak. He's on the autism spectrum and has endured some rough birthday party experiences. 

"Special needs or unique kids do not get kids to come to their parties, or they don't get invited to parties," Ronie told the local ABC affiliate. "We decided to get together and throw big parties, and celebrate everybody's birthday, not just Jacob's but everybody's birthday."

Two years ago, she held her grandson Jakob's unique party for anyone who is also unique. 

"I call them unique kids because I don't like the name 'special needs' because I think they're unique," Ronie said.

The third birthday party was held Saturday at a park in Grawn. The theme was Spider-Man, and cupcakes were provided. 

WPBN reports Saturday's party was the opposite of heartbreak and Jakob was all smiles at his Unique Party. Ronie has seen anywhere from 25 to 50 kids show up to the parties. 

Ronie has seen anywhere from 25-50 kids show up, and it looks like plenty of people got out the Blair Township for this years birthday celebration.

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