WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Monday night, KAKE News ran a story asking for the public's help to find a family's stolen puppy, and the community came through.

Amanda Anderson says her dog Mystique, a new mother of a litter of 6, has been down in the dumps the last few days after someone stole one of her puppies. But Tuesday, she was happier than ever.

"I really just kind of gave up hope. You know, when something's out of your control, you're either gonna let it eat at you, or you're just gonna let it go and just hope that God or your highest power takes care of it, ya know, and he did," said Anderson.

Less than 24 hours after KAKE News ran a story showing this thief stealing little Cleopatra, Anderson says she couldn't believe what two strangers at her front door were holding.

"He wasn't trying to snitch on his friend, but he was like, hey mom, there's a kid that said that the fence was broke, and he took this puppy. She put two and two together," said Anderson. "They were like look son, he's all over the news."

Anderson says the parents called and reported it to police, but she's not going to press charges. She says more than anything, she's just glad Cleopatra is safe, and she hopes the kid who spoke up will also inspire other kids to do the right thing.

"She looks pretty happy and content right now," Anderson said, holding the puppy.