On Monday, voters will be able to see where the Wichita Mayoral candidate's money is coming from. 

At the first televised debate Thursday, Mayor Brandon Whipple went after challengers Lily Wu and Celeste Racette over who's been donating to their campaigns.

"We got two people up here who are actually running their campaigns completely through dark PAC, dark money interest groups," Whipple said. "And I just want to know, is Americans for Prosperity going to be transparent about what money they spent on Lily's campaign, and is Karl Peterjohn's group going to be transparent on what they spent on Celeste campaign?"

Wu defended taking money from the Koch-backed 'Americans for Prosperity.'

"Am I proud to be supported by a pro Freedom Organization? Absolutely," Wu said. "They're against cronyism."

Racette struck back at the incumbent mayor for his wife's super-PAC.

"The first thing [Whipple] did when he was elected was he turned around and formed a PAC and he put his wife in charge of that PAC, which is a political action committee," Racette said. "So it's really hypocrisy of the top degree."

The question is whether these financial reports will impact who voters choose.

Political analyst Dr. Jay Steinmetz said that he doesn't believe so.

"I'm a little skeptical whether or not any charges directed at Wu and terms of the funding from Koch brothers are really going to have any effect on her campaign and results. And I'm skeptical as to whether or not any charges directed at Whipple with regards to nepotism, or if his wife sits on whatever board or whatever super PAC aren't really going to have that much resonance either."

Steinmetz did say these reports may indicate where these candidates stand on policy, and he believes that may be a bigger topic once the general election campaign rolls around.