GODDARD, KAN. (KAKE) - A little over 3,000 tickets have been sold for a summer music festival called Dam Jam. This weekend, the event will bring in people from all over the country which is exactly what event planners are hoping for.

“I wanted something here so that we can ingest in our economy. We need it,” said Dam Jam Marketing Director C.J. Wilson. “And I cannot build a mountain or make an ocean but I can throw a really good party.” 

Wilson’s dream has been to hold a huge event in Kansas that could bring in more tourists. This weekend, her dreams will be coming true. Dam Jam will be held on July 21 and 22 featuring 11 different bands and many other events on the campgrounds. 

“There’s so many activities happening. And you can actually come in with your tickets at noon, park, come on in, go to the beach party, go have fun,” Wilson said. “You don't want to miss it that's for sure because I think what we want to build is kind of that fellowship where people get together.” 

Fellowship is exactly why Christopher Carr decided to sponsor the festival. He was hoping to give his employees the chance to spend time together and have fun.

“The whole sponsorship started off with an employee appreciation,” Carr said. “All my guys that work for me I wanted us all to get together outside of work and have a good time and this was a perfect event for that.”

Carr's employees are volunteering, without pay, to help get the event ready. And they aren't the only ones. Fort Riley army officers will be at the event to help guide traffic and keep people moving. 

"They're bringing a tank out, they're bringing the water buffalo, that's what I mean, we've had a whole lot of people in the community jump in and are excited about putting this together, " Carr said.

The only compensation volunteers receive is through attending the event for free and getting free meals daily while they work. Carr says that’s enough for him and his team as long as people enjoy themselves.

“To see everyone smiling, having a good time, that's it,” Carr said. “That's where it's at.”

Dam Jam is July 21 and July 22 at Lake Afton, 25513 W. 39th St. S., Goddard KS, 67052. Ticket prices range from $90 for a single day pass to $350 for a VIP weekend pass. Tickets can be purchased on the Dam Jam website, along with a list of lineups for the weekend and volunteer information