OKLAHOMA CITY (KOCO) -- Four diplomas. Dozens of certifications and awards. And now, 13-year-old Elijah Muhammad's family says he's the youngest African American to graduate college with a degree in computer science and cybersecurity.

Last week, KOCO 5 highlighted a 15-year-old college graduate. Now, her little brother graduated at just 13 years old.

There's a long list of accomplishments behind Elijah Muhammad's name.

"I have 10 IBM certifications through Course Zero. I have one Google IT certification. I have four diplomas from Oklahoma City Community College," the teenager said.

At just 13, Elijah has crossed the stage as a college graduate and made history.

"I didn't really understand the full impact of it until my dad fully explained it and was like, 'You're really doing this. You're the youngest to ever do it,'" Elijah said.

And while he may not be your typical 13-year-old boy, he says he still loves being a teenager.

"I currently attend OSU and am working on my bachelor's degree in cybersecurity and forensics. I also attend Langston with a 4.0," Elijah said. "As much accomplishments as I have, I still go swimming, go outside, play basketball and still have fun and stuff."

His family beams with pride at all he's done and what's to come.

"He is the smartest person I know. And regardless of if you're older or not, it's like I've never seen nothing like him," his sister, 15-year-old Shania Muhammad, who also recently graduated college, said.

A speaker, a record-holder and a motivator, the world is at his fingertips.

"If you want to put your mind to making a 4.0, you can do it," Elijah said during a recent speech. "If you want to put your mind to winning a state championship, you can do it. You just gotta put in the work that it takes to accomplish that."

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