PARK CITY, Kan. (KAKE) - Federal money will be used to clean up groundwater contamination in Park City.

The Environmental Protection Agency joined representatives of the Kansas Health Department to announce funding for five superfund sites, or locations polluted with hazardous materials, around the state. Including 57th and Broadway. The EPA says it will clean up the groundwater in that area.

“If they want to test it and tell us its any good, then that would be a different story,” said Donna Clark who lives near 57th and Broadway

“You always have to have clean water, I don't care where you're at. You look around some of these places, that don't have clean water, have bad pipes. Look where they're at. This stuff had always needed to be cleaned up one way or another,” said Eddie Northcutt, who lives in the area.

The funding for this project is coming from President Biden's Infrastructure Law that is offering a total of $38 million to affected areas. The EPA plans to operate the water system for one year after construction is complete.