WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) -  At Wichita South, Darin Culver is taking his automotive class a step further than normal by giving the kids a chance to work on an Enduro race car. One that he and the school's security officer will then race tomorrow at Speedway 81.

"Maybe another generation of students that are coming in can see another one and, and race it," said Culver. "Enduro racing is all about endurance. Kind of the fight to the finish, not necessarily speed being the number one goal. It's, it's just making it to the end. So we started this last year, we've had another Enduro car in here that we were working on that kind of sparked some students into wanting to build one, and from there we got a car and then it just kind of snowballed."

After running the car through three races already, the group has things down to a science.

The teacher and security officer duo run the car with all it's got, but it's the kids that keep it running,

"It can get beat up pretty good and then we bring it back and we have the students fix what's broke and then we take it back out and do it again," said Culver. "In our program, we do a lot of work on live work and, and project cars and teachers and staff and students. This one opened up some doors with the aftermarket and the racing world and maybe get some students that may not have been sparked to do some of this stuff and now they see, um, the racing side of it and maybe they come back for more. There are so many aspects to it. It's not just building a car and painting a number on it. There's a lot that goes beyond behind the scenes and every one of my students has had some part in it. Kids enjoy it and they get to see a finished product and get to see it race, and then hopefully it's not too broken and we bring it back and we learn how to repair those repairs and it just kind of all adds up."