OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (KAKE) - A filmmaker from Overland Park had their short documentary on the Oscars Shortlist, though it wasn't officially nominated. 

Sharon Liese produced and directed 'The Flagmakers', one of the top 15 films on the Oscars shortlist for Best Documentary Short Film.

She tells us that first you have to qualify for Oscar consideration by winning certain awards. Then the doc branch of your peers can vote for it to be on the shortlist out of several 100 in the academy screening room. Then it goes down to the top 15 and, like everyone else, Sharon had to watch Good Morning America to see if her documentary was officially nominated for an Oscar.

“When they passed the Fs and I was thinking maybe this is in alphabetical order I was like 'uh oh'. I felt like I was really left at the altar,” said Liese.

Despite not getting the nomination, what made her expectations high was the media speculation before nominations were announced.

“There were all these predictions out there that can drive you crazy. That predicted us not to just get nominated but to win. I mean Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Deadline we were on these lists, and every list that would come in, many of them had us to win the Oscar,” said Liese.

If you would like to watch 'The Flagmakers', it is currently streaming now on Disney+.