BUTLER COUNTY, Kan. (KAKE) - What was expected to be a sentencing for a former El Dorado Corrections Officer convicted of murder took an unexpected twist Monday. In January, Kaleb Hogan was found guilty of first-degree murder and child abuse in the death of his 3-month-old son Malykia.

Savannah Arnett was expecting to get justice for her son Malykai Hogan. That was until Kaleb Hogan asked for a new attorney during his hearing in Butler County.

“I’m mad, I feel like I've waited long enough. I thought I got justice for my son. It's hard. It's like the fight is never going to be over,” said Savannah Arnett, the mom of Malykai Hogan.

Malykai Hogan's mother reacts, after finding her ex-boyfriend Kaleb Hogan wasn't sentenced Monday. Instead, Hogan asked for a new lawyer, claiming his attorney was ineffective in the defense of his case.

“There are some issues I had brought up to him, I wanted him to talk about. He did not talk about it. He did not bring up some points that I feel were vital to my defense,” said Kaleb Hogan, who is convicted of murdering his son.

Hogan admitted to shaking his infant son before being convicted in January. Investigators say Hogan called 911 back on March 23 of 2021 when Malykai stopped breathing. He died three days later.

The judge asked Hogan if he believed having a different attorney would make an actual difference to the outcome of the trial. And Hogan said he believes it would have.

Arnett says there wasn't anything left unsaid in Hogan's defense.

“I was bashed as a mom because I have postpartum depression. They hit the lowest they could hit me at, and I’m still standing,” said Arnett.

The judge told Hogan because he has a good court appearance record, he was going to be allowed to be on an ankle monitor and go anywhere in Butler County. That's despite being convicted of first-degree murder. Savannah Arnett says she's anxious to see Hogan finally get his punishment for killing their baby.

"I'm ready to give my victim impact statement. Hear whatever the sentence is. And walk out of this courtroom knowing I got justice and I don't have to deal with Kaleb Hogan again,” said Arnett.

You may be wondering why Hogan isn't behind bars. In January during his conviction, the state asked for him to be taken into custody until his sentencing. The court denied it.

The new sentencing date for Hogan is on April 24.