WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - If you were in the area of Seneca and First at just about any point Thursday afternoon, you probably had to take a detour and wondered what was going on.

Police spent hours in a standoff with a man wanted on a felony warrant.

This is the moment the SWAT team started shooting multiple tear gas rounds into the windows of a house in the area, trying to get the wanted man out.

But it was a long and difficult afternoon to get to this point.

Rewind to just before 1 p.m. 

"Because of that felony warrant, his bondsmen were looking for him, knew that he was inside, and attempted to make entry. One of the bondsmen was injured attempting to make entry and has gone to the hospital. At that point, the individual inside who's wanted made threats about shooting them," said Sheriff Jeff Easter.

That's when Easter showed up. After realizing the man inside had a history of violence, he called for backup.

"We have him at this point in the home. So we'll just sit out here and try to get him to come out peacefully," said Easter.

But around 6 o'clock, after patiently waiting all day and negotiators talking to the man on the phone for hours, everything changed.

"He was making suicidal statements... And at that point, he'd broken off contact with us," said Easter.

Without a way to contact the man and worried about the safety of him and others around, it was go-time.

"At a certain point, because of the statements and those types of things, the decision was to deploy gas in hopes that it would force him to come outside," said Easter.

And it worked. Within minutes, the man went to the back door, and it all ended peacefully.

"He has now come out, and he's in our custody at this point," said Easter.

Easter says the felony warrant is on evade and eluding charges. He says the man is supposed to be in court Friday for sentencing on that warrant.


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WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Wichita police are at First and Seneca where a man has barricaded himself in a home and is making threatening statements.

SWAT is on the scene trying to get the man out of the home.

Neighbors are being told to leave their homes or shelter in place as the situation unfolds.

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