NEWTON, Kan. (KAKE) - Parents in Newton are outraged after the school board relaxed the rules for a star wrestler caught vaping inside the high school. Monday night parents packed the school board meeting, including the father of that athlete.

The high school student's father defended his son saying that an ex-girlfriend of his was spreading the video of him vaping.

Many parents spoke on both sides of the issue during the public comment portion of Monday night’s meeting. It was all about a video showing a star Newton High School wrestler vaping. The father says the video was from about a month ago.

At first, School Administrators told him his son couldn’t wrestle at the state tournament until he fought it, going to the Newton School Board.

"I first heard about the video on January 31st. After punishing and confronting my son, he told me he was informed by other students an angry ex-girlfriend had a copy of the video and was spreading it around. I argued that this video was sat on for a month, and then reported only at the perfect time to cause the most harm to my son. This individual and her mother plotted to use the school administrators to carry out this plan," said Andrew Buchanan, the parent of the student caught vaping.

The father also claimed his son was bullied on social media when he qualified for state.

"My son posts on social media stating he is a state qualifier. This is when cyberbullying begins. An individual states screenshots of his post and adds to the text, 'not anymore,'" said Buchanan.

The Board had a special meeting to address the issue last week and changed the code of conduct. That allowed the wrestler to compete. Some Newton High School students were not happy.

"And to have some of your board members spit in our face. We voted you in. And you spit in our face for one kid, because you had to have that badge on the wall. You ought to have all your badges stripped, the state titles taken away because you know what it was unethical," said Eric Puttoff, a concerned parent.

Also, some parents mention that because The Board made this decision for this student-athlete, they should review all high school student cases. They believe that way it is fair for everyone, not on a case-by-case basis when the board decided last week.