WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - If you've been to the Towne West Square lately, a brand new store just inside the north entrance might have caught your eye.

"We pass by, and we're like, oh my gosh! Is that one of those bin stores that we've been seeing online? So she said, we have to stop. We have to," said Holli Rogers.

Tuesday was Holli and her sister Leah's first time ever at a store like Bin Shop'n, and they couldn't believe it.

"I think we pulled something out of every bin," Holli said.

Owner Anthony MacMahon says the concept is simple – the week starts on Saturday, and any item in the bins is just $7.99.

"It's an overstock store. Your major manufacturers or retailers, they will have overstock," said MacMahon.

MacMahon says the vast majority of everything he sells is brand-new merchandise from Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

"This right here is a $17 item. $3.99 today," he said, showing us the merchandise.

And the longer you wait, the better the deal.

"Today, you can get it for $3.99 now. Tomorrow, if it's still here... It becomes $1.99. And if it's still here on Thursday, then you can get this for 99 cents, which is a $14.99 retail item," said MacMahon.

Even though a dollar per item seems like a steal, MacMahon says his busiest day is actually the most expensive day.

"Saturday is like a crazy day. It's Black Friday, every Saturday," he said.

That's because the team spends every Friday restocking the bins, which means you can snag big, expensive items Saturdays. Last weekend was his first in Wichita and a line of people wrapped around Towne West.

First-timers like Holli and Leah say they already know they'll be back, and that it will become a tradition full of memories.

"We found this little recipe book. It's something that you would almost find at Target. And we thought that it would be fun to like, just find little recipes online and do them as sisters," said Holli.

If you'd like more information on the store's hours, price schedule, or inventory, click here.