KANSAS CITY, Missouri (KMBC) -- Arrowhead Stadium is where the MVP quarterback calls home, but now there's officially a county-approved Mahomes street, a place you can call home.

"I named the street," said Cameron Jackson.

Jackson is a real estate developer.

"I was actually watching a game while I was working, and I thought, 'oh, why don't I name a street after Patrick Mahomes? That'll be fun.'"

It is, and as far as Cameron knows, it's the first-ever county-approved street named after Mahomes.

Only here's the thing. It's in South Jordan, Utah.

Jackson said the decision "raised eyebrows," as the location of the street is in Broncos and Raiders country.

"I've done some rock stars and things like that," Jackson said. 

As for the city.

"They start pulling the plat maps because that neighborhood is brand new," said City Spokesperson Rachael Van Cleave.

They loved the idea, Cameron says. Unrelated, the city actually already has a Travis Kelce street.

"If I'd have put the two streets next to each other, and we would've had an intersection from Mahomes to Kelce, that would've been perfect," Jackson said, 

As for his marketing plan.

"Who knows? Maybe we'll sell a dozen houses to Chiefs fans, and they can all do a block party on Mahomes lane."

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