TOPEKA, Kan. (KAKE) - The Governor spent much of her speech building a case for bipartisanship at the statehouse this year.

But, will lawmakers join her crusade?

In short, Democrats are optimistic they'll make headway on their goals for the year as outlined in Kelly's speech.

But Republicans have their own plans and only sometimes do those mesh with the Governor's ideas.

Kelly got plenty of cheers for her 20-23 legislative agenda, but most of it came only from her own party. Republicans sat and listened. They liked some of what they heard, but leadership still had reservations.

In a pre-recorded response to the Governor's plans, Senate President Ty Masterson approved of the concept of bipartisanship.

"The nature of our divided government means that any bill reaching the Governor’s desk only does so with Republican effort, and all meaningful victories whether axing a tax, balancing a budget, or bringing new economic development to Kansas, all began with republicans," said Masterson. "Regardless of who attempts to take credit, I am optimistic that we will find more common ground."

Democrats remain hopeful, though admit getting agreement on the details of their ideas could be problematic.

The hard work of legislating starts now.