BUTLER COUNTY, Kan. (KAKE) - The mom of a three-month-old boy who was murdered is now sharing her story. Almost two years ago, police say Malyaki Hogan died from abuse. The abuser, Malykai's father Kaleb Hogan.

The Butler Times-Gazette reported that a jury found former El Dorado Corrections Officer Kaleb Hogan guilty of murder. Malykai's mother Savannah tells KAKE News, it was a huge weight off her shoulders. As she continues to grieve for her baby boy.

"It has his hand print and his footprint so, if I’m really sad I can just feel his fingers because I can't hold his hand or anything like that anymore,” said Savannah Arnett, the mother of the 3-month-old baby.

"The 23rd I was sitting there making jokes and just saying oh daddy's stinky huh? And give him kisses. And he laughed for the first time that day. And then it's the last time and the first time he laughed,” said Arnett.

March 23rd, 2021 was the last time Savannah and Malykai shared a happy moment together.

The Butler Times-Gazette reports, Kaleb Hogan, Malykai's father called 911 that day because Malykai stopped breathing. That's when Savannah was rushed to the hospital.

"I remember walking in there and just grabbing his hand and he squeezed it a little bit. I was like okay, he's going to come back,” said Arnett.

Malykai died on March 26th, 2021.

"He had a total of 16 fractured ribs, two brain bleeds, and his retina on his eyes were detached so legally he was blind,” said Arnett.

A child abuse specialist confirmed during the trial, the injuries Malyaki suffered are consistent with child abuse.

The baby's father Kaleb Hogan is a former Correctional Officer at the State Prison in El Dorado.

After Hogan was arrested he admitted to police to shaking the baby when he was just six weeks old.

"As of this week, we watched the interview and he said that he shook him because he wouldn't quit crying. And demonstrated how he was doing it. And the hardest part of all that is I was in bed when he did it,” said Arnett.

She had no idea.

"He was like the perfect guy. Like he was great with me, would bring me flowers, and would randomly get stuff for me. If I was having like, you know, a bad day,” said Arnett.

So how could someone who treated his ex-girlfriend right, do something like this to his own son?

"There was not one red flag. And that makes it even scarier. Because you could think you could someone that's great, and they're worse than someone who shows that they're not because they're hiding it,” said Arnett.

It's the memories now, Savannah cherishes because that's all she has left.

"After hearing him being convicted the amount of weight that was lifted off of my chest, just because every time I go to my son's grave I’m like I’m going to get you justice, baby. That day I came up here to his grave, and I decorated it with my parents. And kneeled down and I told him I got him justice so he can rest now,” said Arnett.

Sentencing for Hogan is set for March 6.

Savannah donated her son's organs, to help others, and to keep Malykai's memory alive. She tells us, she wants people to remember her son as someone who was happy and loved.