WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - The Wichita Police Department say they are investigating the death Ricky Beans.

The 44-year-old from Wichita died in the 5200 block of W. 8th Street North.

At around 4:28 p.m. on January 1, WPD officers responded to an assist fire department call in the 5200 block of W. 8th Street North. Fire crews had responded to the scene after a man called 911 to report that he believed his friend was dead inside the home at that address. 

Beans was found inside and pronounced dead. It was noted by investigators that Beans was found with gunshot wounds. They also learned that Beans was at home with other people when an "altercation" occurred inside which led to Beans being shot.

Police say it is believed to have occurred in the early morning hours of January 1.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call WPD investigators at 316-268-4407.