BUTLER COUNTY, Kan. (KAKE) - Walnut River Brewing Company is closed to customers on Monday's but its staff is still busy behind the scenes.

Jay Sanderson, the director of sales for WRBC says its a day for lots of calls, admin work and to give the front of house staff a break.

"We're not making beer today but they're preparing for the week. They're packaging some beer today and he guys in the back are cleaning and getting ready for the week," Sanderson said. 

The El Dorado brewery has been open since 2013. The company has also owned and run Pourhouse in downtown Wichita since 2018.

While both businesses are owned by the same group, the two businesses operate under different rules when it comes to getting a liquor license. "This law was enacted in 1986 and each county had to opt in to one of three rules. They could either have a dry county, they could have a wet county or they did this hybrid where there are 30% of sales required to be food."

Butler County follows the 30% rule and Sedgwick County does not. Sanderson says Walnut River is hoping that changes. "We want to have a level playing field with Sedgwick County."

On Tuesday, Butler County voters have the chance to address this issue. There is a "Liquor by the Drink" question on the ballot in the general election. Voting yes would drop that 30% food sales requirement. "It's about promoting a business-friendly environment. It's not just about the brewery here. It's about all the different places in butler county that want to sell liquor by the drink,” said Sanderson.

Reno county follows the same regulations and it almost forced Sandhills Brewery to close back in October. Sanderson says Walnut River does meet the 30% rule but typically not by much.

By removing it, he says it should make it easier for some businesses to open up across the county.

"Somebody that's new that wants to come to town and open just a bar. You know, it changes everything for them. If we get rid of this rule."