Family members of three Kansas women are speaking out for the first time after a fatal crash in a construction zone. 

It happened Saturday afternoon on the turnpike near Belle Plaine

State troopers say one car was heading north when the driver went left of the center in a construction zone, clipped another car, and hit a third head-on.

The family says those construction zones aren't safe.

There were four women in that car. Only one of them survived and she is in the ICU as of Tuesday afternoon. The three family members KAKE News spoke to say they can't imagine a world without these three strong women.

"We just lost the three strongest women that we've had in our family. We never imagined in a million years that all three of them would be going at one time,” said Tara Tidwell.

Tara Tidwell describes what it's like to lose her grandmother Wanda Tidwell, her aunt Nathelia Mcintosh, and her cousin Sheena Harroald. They all died in the crash. Tara and Sheena were born just three weeks apart.

"Sheena's my best friend. She's been through so much too. She lost two kids in her life, two babies passed away. And she still made it through, that's strength to me,” said Tara Tidwell.

Sheena's sister Shala Harroald was critically injured, but Tidwell says she's improving.

"They got all of her broken parts fix. She had a broken back, broken hip, broken leg, and a broken arm. She's in the ICU right now still. But she is speaking,” Tidwell said. 

Wanda Tidwell’s great-granddaughter remembers a happy moment they recently shared.

 “She was sitting there and she just said I'm with my two favorite people in the whole wide world right now and I couldn't be happier,” said Justiyanna Hodges.

We also talked to Wanda's son and Nathelia's brother Randall Tidwell. He tells us how emotional he got trying to console his granddaughter Justiyanna.

"When she pulled up and go out of the car whaling in tears. I put my arms around her and hugged her. I couldn't be strong anymore, I cried,” said Randall Tidwell.

Wanda Tidwell’s son says his mother and his sister Nathelia Mccintosh were always just one phone call away.

“Any given time I could call on them and they would be there. Either one of them. For whatever reason, mom couldn't, my sister would be. Now I'm not going to have that,” said Randall Tidwell.

The family has a GoFundMe set up for Shala's medical bills and Sheena's funeral.