TOPEKA, Kan. (KAKE) - Laura Kelly is campaigning for re-election in great part on her record on school funding. As we continue our series of fact checks, we look at an ad that compares her positions on education issues to Derek Schmidt's.

"A fork in the road decision for what direction Kansas will go."

That's how this ad from the Republican Governor's Association, narrated by Derek Schmidt, begins. Its stated aim is to show the differences between him and the Democratic incumbent. How accurate are its claims?

"We have a governor who thought that it was a good idea to lock our children out of schools and send them home," Schmidt says early on in the ad.  It's accompanied by headlines from Kelly saying she makes no apologies for her call to close schools at the beginning of the pandemic.

"The ad might get you to think that Governor Kelly wants to shut down schools just for the sake of shutting down schools," said Dr. Neal Allen, a political analyst at Wichita State University. "That wouldn't be accurate."

But the text in the ad is accurate. The statement was part of the governor's response during a candidate forum earlier this month to a question about the pandemic.

"I'll make absolutely no apologies for that," Kelly said about being the first in the nation to close schools because of COVID.  "We did not have personal protective equipment here. We didn't have testing here. We really didn't have the tools or the knowledge of how this virus would spread."

"They're absolutely justified in using that against her," said Dr. Russell Arben Fox, a political analyst at Friends University.

The ad also attacks Kelly for her veto of a parents' bill of rights and says she "stands with groups pushing Critical Race Theory (CRT)."

"What you're seeing is some quite misleading statements," Fox said. Adding they're "not necessarily false,"

"It would not be accurate to say that she is pushing Critical Race Theory," Allen said, "either as an academic idea, or as an orienting philosophy for her education policy, those who oppose critical race theory have pushed to move authority about school curricula from professional educators to parents, and Governor Kelly has been opposed to many of those measures. But Laura Kelly is not a pro critical race theory politician. She just supports school districts in school teachers and school administrators and school librarians making decisions."

In her veto of the parent’s bill of rights Kelly said the bill was "about politics, not parents." and would "create more division in our schools and would be costly."

While touring a Wichita area private school Tuesday, Schmidt disagreed.

"We should be embracing more parental involvement and more options that fit the needs of individual kids. And there's some real challenges right now. As you know the lockdowns did tremendous damage to so many of our children," Schmidt said.