WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - A Wichita woman turned to KAKE On Your Side for help after months of empty promises from management at a Wichita cemetery regarding her husband's gravesite.

That woman did not want to share her last name, so KAKE News will refer to her as Laura. She reached out to KAKE News after she said her husband, Carl Wenzel, died back in April, but since then, she hadn't been able to install his headstone due to massive holes in and around his gravesite.

"What kind of people allow somebody's grave to look like this?" Laura asked KAKE News.

She said it's a question she's been asking herself, and management at White Chapel Memorial Gardens for months now. She said she had been documenting the lack of progress on management's end with several pictures dating back months.

"There are so many pictures and people that know and have been aware of this since April," said Laura.

Laura said the only ways Wenzel's family and herself can identify his gravesite are by the holes and a makeshift cross his loved ones put up to mark the site until the holes were fixed. One hole she measured was big enough for anyone to slip and potentially catch their leg in if they weren't being observant.

"There's just no excuse for this," said Laura. "Very disrespectful and non-caring of a deceased soul."

KAKE News took her complaints to management ourselves Thursday, questioning them about the lack of attention to her issues and why any attempts to resolve them seemed to be going nowhere. A manager did not want to go on camera, but was able to connect KAKE News with their corporate office after being told we had permission to be on the property.

That StoneMor representative apologized for the inconvenience to Laura, and noted that the company itself wasn't made aware of it until KAKE News brought it to their attention. That same representative also told KAKE News that management at the cemetery tried to reach out to Laura to resolve the issue, but KAKE News was unable to corroborate that statement.

"The expectation here is that I'm gonna have, I wanna have a resolution plan so I can share with you," said StoneMor representative Marty Good. "But most importantly a resolution plan so we can get that in front of the family."

That resolution plan, Good said, was expected to take at least a day, but was ultimately resolved just a few hours later when the holes in Wenzel's grave were filled. That resolution also came after KAKE News was told by a different manager to leave the property.

Laura said she was thankful the effort had finally been made, but that the damage had already been done.

"They ignore me and ignore me, that is not right," said Laura. "My husband is deceased and he deserves better respect than what he's gotten from White Chapel on fixing his grave."