DAYTON, Ohio (KAKE) - It was a nail-biting basketball game in Dayton on Saturday that could have gone either way, but ultimately the Aftershocks lost to American for Autism, 78-75.

A free throw ended up closing the door on the Aftershocks' chance to fight one last time Tuesday for the shot at a million dollars.

Despite a strong performance throughout the game, and a final few plays that left fans on the edge of their seats, they couldn't full away, and lost by three points. 

Fans in Wichita and surrounding areas headed out to bars to watch the game today and say that the Aftershocks held their own this year.

"I'm proud of those boys they've been playing really hard putting everything into and you know we're all proud of them regardless of the outcome," said one fan.

"We made it this far, we gotta be proud," said another.

This is the second year the Aftershocks punched their tickets to the semifinals in Dayton.

American for Autism will go head-to-head for the million-dollar grand price against Blue Collar on Tuesday night.