A Saturday evening storm that hit Manhattan left behind damage at Tuttle Creek State Park and town. You can read more on this weekend's weather by clicking here.

Yet, this storm arrived 14 years to the day when an EF-4 tornado hit Manhattan and Chapman, Kan.

On June 11, 2008, there were 41 tornadoes across 5 states. The storm left significant damage to the community, including the Miller Ranch area on the west side of town and to parts of the K-State campus. One person died in the storm in Chapman. 

The 2008 tornado got its start at 10:48 p.m. just north of Ogden. It continued northeast, into Manhattan. By 10:56 p.m., it started to hit residential communities, including the Amherst residential area and Miller Ranch. The tornado ended its path at 11:03 p.m., as detailed by the National Weather Service. 

In all, 45 homes were destroyed and 142 were damaged by the storm. Businesses, like the Little Apple Honda/Toyota dealership, had windows blown out of its building and vehicles were tossed. The city observed looting at business like this, as well as at storage units and other properties. The Lee Elementary School sustained damage.

At K-State, a fraternity house had a roof blown off and windows blown out. Buildings on campus were damaged and summer classes were moved around to accommodate changes. There was $37 million in damage to the college campus and $71 million overall in the city.