WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) – Evergy is warning its customers about people calling pretending to be Evergy representatives.

The scam involves the "representatives" telling customers they have been overcharged on their electric bill and are owed a credit. The individual then asks for your credit card information to apply the refund. 

"Imposters will often ask customers to use a pre-paid card for payment," Evergy said in a press release. "Evergy will never ask a customer to purchase a pre-paid debit card to pay for service."

Evergy wants the emphasize that if you cannot verify that you are talking to an Evergy employee, do not give them any information. 

"Evergy wants its customers to know how to identify Evergy representatives. Employees will carry Evergy employee identification."

Evergy Kansas Central customers may call 1-800-383-1183 to reach their customer service.