Sedgwick County said its resolved problems with its website, which has a special page showing videos from the Juvenile Intake Assessment Center involving the Sept. 24, 2021, incident involving Cedric Lofton. Lofton was hurt and taken to the hospital, where he died two days later. 

The county site shows footage of what took place. You can see footage by clicking here



Sedgwick County said it's having trouble with its website, which recently shares footage from the Juvenile Intake Assessment Center, showing the moments leading up to the death of teenager Cedric Lofton. Some of the footage may be offline, as they tell us Saturday morning. 

"We are aware of the technically difficulties in accessing the Sept. 24 videos and are working on a solution," the county shares in a statement. "The videos are unavailable as this time, but we are planning to have a resolution and the videos posted sometime this weekend. We apologize for the inconvenience."


WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Sedgwick County released the video from the Juvenile Intake Assessment Center late Friday, showing the moments leading up to the death of 17-year-old Cedric Lofton as guards held him down. This, just days after District Attorney Marc Bennett said he would not be filing charges in the case because they wouldn't hold up in court due to the state's stand your ground law.

It all starts when JIAC guards let Lofton out of his cell. Over the next few minutes, the teen gets more and more combative.

Then, is things took a turn. While still trying to get him back in his cell, you see Lofton punch a guard in the face, knocking his glasses off.

The guards then start getting him slowly back toward the cell, where more thrashing ends up knocking off both of the guard's glasses. Once in the cell, Lofton somehow gets one of the guard's utility belts off.

That's when the video shows two more guards rush in, and there's another struggle to get Lofton under control.

This is the part most people are concerned about. When we put a timer up on the screen, the guards keep Lofton in a face-down position for more than about 40 minutes. You see him continue to struggle from time to time, but the guards eventually get him in handcuffs and under control.

Finally, the guards roll him over and immediately begin CPR, realizing he's no longer breathing.

Within about 20 more minutes, the room is full of firefighters and paramedics who finally get the teen resuscitated.

Lofton was at a local hospital on life support after the incident. Doctors officially pronounced him dead two days later.

Shortly after the county released the video Friday to its website, the site crashed, so as of this writing, we can only see the incident from one camera angle. Lofton's friends and family are still trying to get a look at that video as well.

Once we have it, we'll continue issuing updates on the situation.