WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - "I freaked out, scared. So I came back and locked the doors,” said Danette Dorr.

Danette Dorr came home to find dozens of law enforcement cars and officers blocking off the road around her home.

Dorr said, "The cops just told me to go inside and lock my doors and they would come talk to me. That there was suspect at large and he was armed and dangerous."

It all started Monday morning. The Reno County sheriff says 21-year-old Kamden Campos kidnapped a woman and her two kids from a north Wichita home. He then took them to Cheney Lake and at one point the sheriff says he brought the woman toward the water where he tried to hurt her.

She managed to get away with the kids, but the sheriff says that's when Campos shot at the car, hitting a 2-year-old girl in the back.

The mother finally called 911 when they were safe in Sedgwick County.

Deputies told residents to lock their doors and blocked roads while searching for Campos from the ground and in the air.

Reno County Sheriff Darrian Campbell said, "I remember hearing the aircraft guide officers on the ground to the suspect."

Hours later, deputies found Campos hiding in the trees and quickly arrested him.

"We established a perimeter. We had an excellence response. I can't say thank you to enough agencies that showed up. That just goes to show the amount of support the community has,” said Campbell.

As for Dorr, she is hoping the child makes a swift recovery.

"I'm just praying for the child and the mother, hopefully everything is okay,” said Dorr.

According to the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s office, the 2-year-old who was shot is recovering after surgery at Wesley Medical Center.

Campos' bond is set at more than 2 million dollars.